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About Us at Buy Great Wine

Welcome to Buy Great Wine, an innovative and exciting way to buy wine online, breaking away from the readily available one dimensional wines and introducing exciting, new wines to the trade and private home wine buying market.Buy Wine Online

At Buy Great Wine we have sourced some of the Worlds greatest and most delicious wines. Buy Great Wine

We specialise in great wines that can only be found in Restaurants all over the UK and Worldwide, and all at a high quality, without the usual wine additives permitted in lower grade wines.

We are Passionate about Wine, with all of our team educated to WSET Standard.  

We only support and source wines from small independant wine producers, who rarely get the chance to shine in the UK market, as they refuse to compromise on quality or tradition. As this ethos is exactly what we are after, happy partnerships are formed and some excellent new wines are brought direct to the UK wine market.

We are the perfect choice when you buy wine online, whether you are looking for wines for corporate entertainment, your personal home or office supply, your restaurant, bar or hotel, or for that special occasion such as a birthday or wedding, or as a thank you to someone to show you appreciate them or what they may have done for you.

We are currently working with exciting and new key producers in:

France | Argentina Brazil | Hungary | South Africa | Italy | Australia | New Zealand | Chile | Portugal | Spain Austria | Canada | UK | Germany | Greece | USA | Slovenia | Uruguay

With more countries and producers being investigated continuously, be sure to check back often to discover what we have uncovered, or sign up to our emails to receive our monthly updates.

Every selection you make comes with a full, money back guarantee, and is fully supported by all of us at Buy Great Wine, as we have tested every single wine before it appears on our list!

If you have any questions, please email sales (at) buygreatwine.co.uk and one of the team will get back to you.

At Buy Great Wine we love wine as much as you, so we ensure that you will receive the 1st class service that you should expect, here in the UK.

We look forward to helping you with your wine sourcing!


The Team at Buy Great Wine 


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