Cosme Palacio

Cosme Palacio

Fine Rioja Alavesa Wines, Since 1894

Bodegas Cosme Palacio is a centenary winery located in the heart of the Rioja Alavesa.  

Since their foundation in 1894, they have made an important contribution to the revolution in winemaking that has taken place in the Rioja region.

The founder, Don Cosme Palacio y Bermejillo, began producing his exceptional wines over 100 years ago, making our bodega one of a limited few to be selected as Bodegas Historicas de la D.O Ca Rioja.

Cosme Palacio wines are like an historical timeline of the region, starting with Glorioso which dates back to 1928; Cosme Palacio, the first of the top notch breakout 'Nuevos Riojas' wines from the 1980's, Milfores, or Bodegas Palacio Reserva Especial.

Their position as a market leader is without a doubt revolutionising the panorama of the region's wines and their success is based on three key traits: a rigorous grape selection process, long and slow maturation, and the utilisation of new barrels, preferably of French oak.

Cosme Palacio Rioja Crianza Blanco

£13.62 Ex Tax: £11.35

Cosme Palacio Rioja Crianza Tinto

£15.06 Ex Tax: £12.55

-13 %
Cosme Palacio Rioja Reserva

£23.46 £20.40 Ex Tax: £17.00

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