De Trafford

De Trafford

Blending Old World and New

De Trafford is one of South Africa's most individual wineries and David Trafford, one of its most individual winemakers. 

David is completely self-taught, save for a few months working a vintage in St Emilion. By trade he is an architect – hence the blueprint designs on his labels – but in 1983 he decided to plant a small vineyard for fun. 

In 1991 David turned his part-time hobby into a full-time career. Twenty years on, he is one of South Africa's most decorated winemakers.

The wines have rich fruit and a juicy ripeness but they are crisply pressed and structured too. His ability to blend New World innovation and Old World methodology can perhaps be best seen in his sweet Straw Wine, which has quickly become one of the Cape's most fiercely sought after wines.

De Trafford Blueprint Shiraz

£22.68 Ex Tax: £18.90

De Trafford Cabernet Sauvignon

£31.08 Ex Tax: £25.90

De Trafford Chenin Blanc

£22.56 Ex Tax: £18.80

De Trafford Elevation 393

£42.96 Ex Tax: £35.80

De Trafford Merlot

£21.96 Ex Tax: £18.30

De Trafford Shiraz

£38.64 Ex Tax: £32.20

De Trafford Straw Wine HALVES (375ml)

£24.60 Ex Tax: £20.50

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