Excellent, 'Pocket-Friendly' Californian Wines

Delicato is a family-owned winery that was founded in 1924 and is committed to California's winemaking and wine-growing heritage. 

Three generations have overseen operations at their California properties, maintaining the high standards for which they are known. 

The wines are affordably priced and their philosophy reflects its unwavering dedication to environmentally sensitive and sustainable agricultural farming practices.

Delicato has a portfolio of premium wines including Loredona, Delicato, Clay Station, Gnarly Head, 337, Irony, Woodhaven and King Fish, each sourced from a selection of the best vineyards from Lodi, Monterey and Napa.

Black Stallion Barrel Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

£146.16 Ex Tax: £121.80

Black Stallion Pinot Noir

£30.54 Ex Tax: £25.45

Stone Barn Cabernet Sauvignon

£10.02 Ex Tax: £8.35

Stone Barn Chardonnay

£10.02 Ex Tax: £8.35

Stone Barn Merlot

£9.90 Ex Tax: £8.25

Stone Barn Old Vine Zinfandel

£11.58 Ex Tax: £9.65

Stone Barn White Zinfandel

£9.48 Ex Tax: £7.90

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