Wine for Cheese

Wine for Cheese


Our Perfect Matches of Wine for Cheese


Wine for Cheese​Although it is a delight to pick certain wines for certain meals, it is always nice to find a great Wine for Cheese, just for those times when you just fancy a glass of wine and some nibbles to indulge yourself!

Many cheeses can be enhanced by a great matching wine and vice versa, so please click on the picture to the right and choose your best wine for cheese indulgence.

There are a few simple 'safe bets' such as the following:

  • Chianti is great with a good Mozzarella or Aged Parmesan
  • Merlot is divine with French soft cheeses! (Try Camembert or Brie)
  • Port, the old time favourite with blue cheeses, such as Stilton
  • Shiraz pairs deligtfully with a Strong Cheddar and even Edam!
  • Pinot Noir is great with Gruyere or a nice piece of Feta
but experiment yourself and you may find some great combinations of wine for cheese.

If you have any favourites, or even discover some new ones, let us know and we will add them to the list!


Valiano Chianti

£9.18 Ex Tax: £7.65

Valiano Chianti Classico

£12.72 Ex Tax: £10.60

Valiano Chianti Classico Riserva

£13.86 Ex Tax: £11.55

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