The Original Catalan Cava

Freixenet is one of the Cava giants of Catalonia, similar in quality, size and importance to some of France's large Champagne houses. 

Founded in 1889 the winery has a rich, long history, and was one of the original Cava houses of the Penedes region, and one of the first houses to export its Cava to foreign markets.

Friexenet was one of the first Cava brand to begin exporting its wine, this decision enabled the wineries survival through the horrific Spanish civil war. Following this Freixenet grew from strength to strength, launching their two flagship wines Carta Nevada in 1941, and Cordon Negro in 1974. 

Today Freixenet is one of the leading wine companies of the world, having created one of the most recognisable sparkling wine brands.

Freixenet Carta Navada Reserva

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