Garage Wine Co

Garage Wine Co

Canadian ex-ski coach, Derek Mossmann Knapp, is the 'enfant terrible' of the Chilean wine scene.

His Garage Wine Co. is the polar opposite to the big, established companies that dominate the Chilean market. Everything is done by hand; from ploughing the old vines to painting the labels. He is David to the big brands Goliath.

In 2009, Garage teamed up with eleven other small independent producers to form the 'Movement of Independent Vintners' (MOVI), and together they have done a terrific job of raising the profile of boutique winemaking in Chile.

What is really exciting for us here is that we have had the chance to invest in Derek's social enterprise work. Following on from the 2010 earthquake that ravaged much of Chile, Derek began to work with small, traditional farmers in the Maule Valley.

He has helped them restore their vineyards and showed them how to make (and sell) brilliant wines to drinkers as far away as the UK.

Garage Wine Co Cabernet Franc

£25.26 Ex Tax: £21.05

Garage Wine Co Cabernet Sauvignon

£25.20 Ex Tax: £21.00

Garage Wine Co Old Vine Carignan

£25.74 Ex Tax: £21.45

Garage Wine Co Old-Vine Pale

£18.30 Ex Tax: £15.25

Garage Wine Co Perverso

£19.56 Ex Tax: £16.30

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