Quinta das Arcas

Quinta das Arcas

Seriously impressive Vinho Verde!

Quinta das Arcas produce wines in and around Vinho Verde, in the North of Portugal. The company was founded in 1985 by Antonio Manteiro, is still run by him and his family and each year they go from strength to strength. 

They only work with native grape varieties to Portugal in order to produce wines that are modern yet reflect the history of the area.

The cooler areas of the north are ideally placed for growing complex and crisp wines that are more than a match for your usual suspects.

The grapes are handpicked on the estate so each bunch must pass the strict quality checks of the Manteiro family before they even make it to the winery. The strict approach to quality of the grapes ensures the winemakers at Quinta das Arcas have the best start in creating wines that are so complex. 

They are never content to rest on their laurels and have built a new winery in the middle of one of their vineyard plots to drastically cut the time it takes to process picked grapes.  All this incredibly hard work hasn't been without recognition, their approach to putting quality first has meant their Vinho Verde Branco has won awards and recommendations from Decanter and the IWC.

Conde Villar Alvarinho

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