Royal Tokaji The Oddity Furmint

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Very fresh and clean with hints of citrus fruits and fennel. Dry, with a long flowery finish.

Founded in Hungary in 1990, the Royal Tokaji Wine Company has become one of the most defining wineries in Hungary. From the outset, Royal Tokaji decided to concentrate on producing single-vineyard wines, made from the first-growth vineyards of Mezes Maly, Nyulaszo, Szt Tamas and Betsek.

Grapes:      100% Furmint

Region:      Hungary / Tokaj-Hegyalja

Maker:       Istvan Szepsy

Notes:       This wine is a pure expression of Furmints unique character. On the nose it has charming grape flowers and fruit (gooseberry/lime) with a hint of nuts. On the palate the wine is dry and sleek. The barrel components gently round out the wine which remains fresh and has a long finish. 

Serve:        At 12-14c it is delicious as an aperitif, with seafood or white meats.

ABV:          14%

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