Fine Rioja Wines, Born in the Vineyard

Vivanco wines are born in the vineyard. That's where they truly acquire their personality. The personality of the terroir, of the landscape and what happens in it throughout the year. That is why when Vivanco designed the winery, they had a clear idea of what they wanted. 

The winemaking process had to be respectful with the grape with the aim of enhancing its qualities. And that is what they did.

Vivanco Winery is located in Briones, a privileged enclave in La Rioja Alta, on the foothills of the Sierra de Cantabria and on the banks of the River Ebro. It is an area with a mild microclimate and extraordinary chalky-clay soils.

The vitivinicultural and pioneering spirit of Rafael Vivanco is reflected both in his wines and in the experiments and research he carries out with different growing and winemaking methods, in the use of minority grape varieties and in wood ageing in oak from different provenances.

Dinastia Vivanco Rioja Crianza

£12.66 Ex Tax: £10.55

Vivanco Rioja Blanco

£9.24 Ex Tax: £7.70

Vivanco Rioja Reserva

£15.96 Ex Tax: £13.30

Vivanco Rioja Rosado

£9.24 Ex Tax: £7.70

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