South African Wine

South African Wine

South African Wine  

South Africa Wine Region
The South Africa wine history can be dated back to 2nd February 1659 thank to an entry in the diary of  Jan van Riebeeck, First Commander of the Cape who wrote "Today, praise be to God, wine was made for the first time from Cape grapes".

In keeping with the spirit of renewal in South Africa, the wine industry in recent years replanted 40% of the vineyards as the industry has realigned its product to compete globally, moving from volume production to noble cultivars and quality wines.

In the last few years winegrowers have started planting more whites than reds, reversing a ten year trend to planting more reds.

The red/white split is currently around 40/60; the closest it has ever been.

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Creation Chardonnay

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Creation Merlot, Cabernet, Petit Verdot

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Creation Pinot Noir

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Creation Reserve Pinot Noir

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Creation Sauvignon Blanc

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Creation Syrah Grenache

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Creation Viognier

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De Trafford Blueprint Shiraz

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De Trafford Cabernet Sauvignon

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De Trafford Chenin Blanc

£22.56 Ex Tax: £18.80

De Trafford Elevation 393

£42.96 Ex Tax: £35.80

De Trafford Merlot

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De Trafford Shiraz

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De Trafford Straw Wine HALVES (375ml)

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Graham Beck Brut

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