Kuehn Pinot Gris d'Alsace

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Kuehn Vins d'Alsace was founded in 1675 and is now owned and operated by the Cave Co-op d'Ingersheim.

With 170 members and producing 3.5 million bottles of wine each year, the house has access to exceptional facilities to make its classic Alsace wines.

Grapes:   100% Pinot Gris

Region:   Alsace / Ammerschwihr 

Maker:    Kuehn Ammerschwihr

Notes:    Warm and sensual with toasty notes associated with apricots, humus, dried fruit, edible wax and bread. Smooth on the palate, leading to a dry, satisfying finish.

Serve:    Serve chilled as an aperitif or drink with poultry, fish and shellfish

ABV:      12.5%

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