Kuehn Riesling d'Alsace

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Kuehn Vins d'Alsace was founded in 1675 and is now owned and operated by the Cave Co-op d'Ingersheim.

With 170 members and producing 3.5 million bottles of wine each year, the house has access to exceptional facilities to make its classic Alsace wines.

Grapes:   100% Riesling

Region:   Alsace / Ammerschwihr 

Maker:    Kuehn Ammerschwihr

Notes:    Bright, crystalline, light yellow with green tints. The wine is full-bodied, almost dry on the palate with refreshing flavours of spring flowers on the nose. Penetrating, fruity flavours such as lemon and tangerine. Deeply flavoured, the aftertaste reminds you of toasted bread with a long finish.

Serve:    Serve chilled as an aperitif or drink with poultry fish and shellfish

ABV:      12.5%

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