• Legato Inzolia

Legato Inzolia

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Very aromatic with hints of white flowers and lemongrass

Legato is the result of a partnership between a family of winemakers from Lombardia and another family of vineyard owners from Marsala in Sicily. 

A bond formed by a desire to produce elegant, modern wines but only using the wonderful and unique local grape varieties of Sicily. 

These two families are bound together in their mission, to show the whole world what Sicily has to offer.

Grapes:    100% Inzolia

Region:    Italy / Sicily 

Maker:     Legato

Notes:     Very aromatic with hints of white flowers and lemongrass, the wine is light and fresh on the palate with a zesty citrus finish.

Serve:      At 10-12c with hors d'oeuvres, chicken, fish and seafood dishes.

ABV:        12.5%

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